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Travel to Thailand – Episode 653
4h ago
Hear about travel to Thailand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Taiss and Rob from about the country where they lived as expats for some time. Why should someone go to […] The post Travel to Thailand – Episode 653 ap...
5 Getaways to Australia You Need to Try For Yourself
5h ago
For most travellers, Australia is a bucket list destination that requires months of planning and itinerary making. Even residents will have to prepare for their travels, since the country is so large! A crucial part of the planning process will most ...
UNESCO’s newest World Heritage Sites
10h ago
From Inuit hunting grounds to sacred mountain monasteries, the latest UNESCO World Heritage sites have been formally recognised for their outstanding value to humanity. The aim of UNESCO’s list is to identify, protect and preserve sites of cultural...
Surprise! Couple’s Coordinates is Moving to Perth Australia!
12h ago
If you didn’t see our post on Instagram or Facebook announcing that we were moving to Perth, Australia, then we have a huge surprise for you: […] The post Surprise! Couple’s Coordinates is Moving to Perth Australia! appeared first on Co...
What To Visit During Chengdu Tours
23h ago
Chengdu is capital of Sichuan Province, and it is home to several million people, but it is also home to several hundred giant panda bears. Chengdu is known for the three Panda bears research bases but is also known for its spicy food, Giant Buddha a...
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